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How to Ask for a Salary Increase

Most workers dream of receiving a salary increase each month. But sometimes, for this to happen it is necessary for the collaborator to ask for this increase, to start the conversation about it with the boss.

It is at this hour that the anguish begins for many. How to ask for salary increase?

You need to understand that with the best arguments, the boss will hardly deny the dreamed increase.

Choose the best way to ask for a raise

Choose the best way to ask for a raise

It is important that before you talk to the boss, you research well how much people earn similar positions to yours, your company, and others, perhaps competitors to choose the best way to ask for a raise.

Not that you’re going to quote that to your boss, but to your value judgment. In fact, consider their professional skills and how much they are being paid for them in the marketplace.

Analysis of the situation

Analysis of the situation

It is also important to understand the situation in a macro fashion. That is, you need to analyze how your company is, the demand for the service or product it offers.

You need to know if it is the best financial time to ask for a raise. For example, if your company just lost a big contract, wait a little.



Already at the time of the negotiation, cite your skills, your knowledge, your responsibilities and your achievements so far in the company.

Review everything you’ve already achieved and create a portfolio to be presented to your boss. Show what you’ve done well for the company and its concrete results. Be direct.

Choose a moment

Do not forget to pick the best time, expect him to be in a good mood. Be patient. Finally, be prepared for the “no” and never make threats. That ends your chances and brings you problems that you did not have in the company until then.



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