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Cheap Finance: Advantages and Alternatives – Easy Credit Solution

Having a property is one of the best acquisitions in the market, this is because it does not lose value, so your investment is never in vain. Get to know the best options for cheap financing for renovation and construction .

By analyzing the cost of the work with the help of an architect or engineer, people end up making countless cuts in architectural design or even prefer cheaper materials instead of quality materials.

It is simple, they are budgets that do not usually correspond to the financial reality of the client

It is simple, they are budgets that do not usually correspond to the financial reality of the client

Why does it happen? It is simple, they are budgets that do not usually correspond to the financial reality of the client.

When you have to abandon your original idea of ​​construction or renovation because you do not have all the money you need for that task, and you are not satisfied with the result, you risk doing a job without much quality, another reason to stay frustrated again.

So that you can dream again with the ideal property, we separate some financing tips that will fit in your pocket!

Financing for construction and what alternatives?

Financing for construction and what alternatives?

Funding , although a logical option, is usually avoided due to interest rates, however the fees vary according to the line of credit you adopt and luckily there are several options in the market.

For construction, there are several types of specific financing and choosing one depends a lot on your planning.

This is because you probably already have some capital to invest in, it just may not be enough to accomplish the whole project. So the first step is to make an assessment of what is really needed. Financing some stages of the work or really financing it in full?

To finance reforms, a greater range of possibilities opens up, because it is a smaller value, you can bet on Personal Payday loans , with much lower rates and longer term to install the building materials.

For you to make simulations of the lines of credit is not even necessary to leave the house, there are several platforms of the main banks.

What documentation do I need?

What documentation do I need?

For Personal Payday loans , as they require a little bureaucracy, you need to prove your income through paychecks or paychecks , or even statements that prove your benefit from the INSS , if you are a retiree or a pensioner and opt for INSS Personal Payday deductible loans . Personal documentations are also required as RG, CPF and proof of residence such as water, electricity, internet and telephone bills.

For construction financing, in addition to these documents, extracts from the FGTS, a work permit, a clean sheet in SERASA, a low floor plan and facades, a construction permit issued by the city hall, a complete physical-financial schedule of the work and the descriptive memorial of materials and services.

There are banks and financial institutions that may require more documents or less depending on the line of credit they offer.

What are the advantages of financing?

The most impressive advantage is the possibility of anticipating your goals . Without it you would need more time to get all the money needed for your work.

It is worth remembering that there are financing that includes the purchase of the land too, that is, it becomes more practical to achieve the dream of own housing.

Another advantage is that with a Personal Payday loan for retirees, INSS pensioners, public servants active or not, interest is very small , this way you can invest in a construction or quality reform, adding more value to your property.

Want to know more about credit lines and Personal Payday loans INSS? Be sure to follow our articles.

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