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Borrow money with Personal Payday loan

Yes, it’s a bit of a strange expression to indicate that you can borrow a small amount of up to € 1500 with a Personal Payday loan. But of course this form of credit is also known by other names. Read on and you can see what it means exactly, where you can apply for it and what you need to do to ensure that you receive approval when you submit your application.

How did this loan form come about and for which target group is it intended, if you meet the requirements then you can request it in less than 5 minutes. Make sure that you send the requested papers quickly by email so that you can quickly dispose of the amount requested by you.

Borrow money with Personal Payday loan

Borrow money with Personal Payday loan

Let us start by explaining for whom the Personal Payday loan, or mini loan, is meant so that no confusion can arise about it. The Personal Payday credit (another name) is meant as an advance on your salary to temporarily give you some extra financial space so that you can pay some bills that cannot wait until the end of the month when your wages are paid.

You can request an amount up to a maximum of € 1500 which you have to pay back in a relatively short period. This essentially differs from other forms of credit. If you want money in your account quickly and directly, a mini loan is good for that.

What exactly can I request

It is a responsibility that largely lies with you. Consider what you might miss at the end of this month or the next month to repay your loan. It sounds nice to just borrow € 1500 as an advance, but the maximum borrowing period of 30 or 45 days is over again.

It is also no longer required to repay the amount you have received in one go, nowadays this is also possible in (two) installments, also something to keep in mind when you decide to apply.

Borrow money without credit check review

Borrow money without bkr review

Another reason why the mini loan has become so popular is the fact that no review is carried out at the credit check, so to put it simply, you can borrow money without credit check.

For a large group of people in the Netherlands, which is around 700,000, this means that they can still borrow a small amount where they would otherwise have to face a closed door. Of course, it is still important for everyone to check whether you are able to meet your obligations at the end of the loan period.

Where can you request

Where can you request

 The entire process of applying is done via the internet, I am not only talking about the application itself, but also about sending your data such as identification, bank statement, etc. in its entirety electronically, you send all your data by e -mail. On the website of Good Finance you will find a page that gives an overview of providers of the Personal Payday loan.

Pay attention to the costs when applying, so that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises. If you want to do this now, look at the page requesting a mini loan. If you want to borrow more information about money before you make a decision, you can take a look at the GF website where you will receive various tips to look out for and what maximum interest is required.But watch out

Update providers

In the course of time a few things have changed with regard to the providers. Several providers of a mini loan had to stop their activities because they did not have the correct permits. I have already written that Good Finance and Good Lender were forced to stop due to problems with the GF.

What if I have no income

What if I have no income

In the Netherlands it is rare that someone has no income at all. Regarding the conditions for applying for a small loan, the bar is therefore not very high. Everyone who has an income of at least € 900 per month is already eligible.

If you want to borrow money without an income, it is best to ask a family member, partner, friend or friend if they want to help with the application. If that is indeed the case, then you do not have to pay the costs for the guarantee and you only pay the interest. In this way you are cheap and immediately helped.

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